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Alleged OverPayment of Benefits

£4.95 (Free to Jedii Academy Members)

This information could save you £hundreds or £thousands, in unnecessary payments, and could prevent many ...

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Southend Seminar March 2017 (Replay)

£49.95 (Free to Jedii Academy Members)

We bring you the current info re: Mortgages, Unsecured Debt, Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Council Tax. ...

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How to Deal With Unidentified Unauthorised Bank and Credit Card Debits

£9.95 (Free to Jedii Academy Members)

What’s going to be covered in the Training? You get a simple, yet powerful, guide that shows you how to get yo...

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Granting Lasting Powers of Attorney?

POA (Price on Application)

If you want help completing the forms and or hand-holding throughout the entire process - we know people who can help...

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Deputyship - Court of Protection

POA (Price on Application)

Need help or guidance applying for Deputyship? We know people who can complete the forms for you and where necessary...

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Wills, Trusts and Protection Webinar

£49.95 (Free to Jedii Academy Members)

Everything you should consider when Executing a Will, creating a Trust or granting Power of Attorney; with property p...

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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Official Visitors

£7.95 (Free to Jedii Academy Members)

Based on Tried and Tested Strategies Simple training which shows you how to deal with people coming to your door. T...

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On Common Ground Webinar

£19.95 (Free to Jedii Academy Members)

Essential viewing for Change Warriors everywhere. We analyse the issues facing Change Warriors collectively, and iden...

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Get Out Of Debt Master-Class

£495.00 (£295.00 to Jedii Academy Members)

Pre-Book Your Place at the Next Master-Class. This is a 2-Day Weekend Event. The Next Event is expected to take plac...

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Short Settlement Master-Class

£125.00 (Free to Jedii Academy Members)

Pre-Book and Reserve Your Place for the next Master-Class.  Master-Classes are arranged once we have a minimum ...

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Create Your Own "Get Out Of Debt Business" - The Master-Class

£995.00 (£595.00 to Jedii Academy Members)

An ethical support system - wiping-off unsecured debt for your peers. Pre-Book your place at the next 2-Day Weekend ...

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Court Play - The Art of War and Words - Coming Soon!

12 x £20.00 p/mth (Free to Jedii Academy Members)

We'll show you the key elements needed to make a successful court claim. We'll also show you how to defend a claim. ...

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