Outside the Matrix Summer Festival - 2019

Let’s remind ourselves that the goal is to thrive, to prosper to flourish and live the healthiest, happiest life possible. How to achieve this, however, is not self-evident. It involves knowing how to live in the most literal sense.

But to know how to live requires making the right choices and choosing the best actions. This in turn means we need accurate information that we can be sure correlates with reality. In other words we need to understand the full context in which we are acting. We must see an accurate big picture of the world in which we live. To achieve this full context perspective you have to learn to trust your own judgment in questioning everything you have been told. You have to think, for yourself. To leave the Matrix is to get into the drivers seat of your mind so that you can take control of your life. This weekend will show you how.

At the first annual ‘Living outside the Matrix’ festival you will see how to take control of your life. You will be shown a zoomed out perspective on the BIG picture.

The agenda will take you through from philosophy as a framework for making sense of the world, for thinking effectively and for mental well-being, through to how to be healthy and optimise your physical well being, self-authorship and mastering your own destiny. Understanding commerce and the nature of the ‘system’ you have been born into, and dismantling some of the many modern myths of our culture will also feature. It is only with a clear understanding of the greater context in which your life is unfolding that you can make informed choices and therefore pursue the right actions in order to achieve your goals.

The event will take place in a secluded woodland in Hertfordshire.
The tranquil surroundings are the perfect setting for a weekend getaway.

Venue location disclosed upon ticket purchase.

Friday evening arrivals for campers will be possible by arrangement at an additional cost of £10 per person.

Dog & Children Policy:

Dogs can come IF and only IF you keep them on a lead and take care of them 24/7. This means that your four legged friend(s) must be kept separate from other dogs and dog owners, and must be kept away from the presentations. This may require one of your party to stay with your pet, away from the presentations.  

There is a zero tolerance re doggie doos on site - so you will have to take your dog(s) for regular walks off site and ensure that you clean up after your pet. These rules must not be broken.

Children can come but cannot be left to roam the site. They must be accompanied at all times by an adult, and depending on their age, must be kept away from the presentations to prevent disturbance. 

The ticket price includes:

  • Two days of presentations and discussion
  • Lunch and evening meals on both Saturday and Sunday
  • Tea and coffee all weekend
  • Two nights camping
  • A delightful camp fire setting for guitars and conversation

Early bird bookings before 10th April 2019 are reduced to £80 (usual price £120) 
Space is limited, so hurry! The show starts at 09:30 Saturday May 25
th and winds up at 13:00 Monday May 27th (a Bank Holiday)

The Speakers

Darren Deogee

Darren will be covering the gender crisis both among the young and the old. Give all your relationships the resilience to make it through this mad corridor in time. Darren has studied Toltec gender for 23 years and been teaching for 12.

Simon Goldberg

Simon, aka ‘the Spaniard’, will share his personal journey of  waking up to the illusion we call the ‘System’ or the ‘Matrix’. He will explain the source of the laws of England, and the true nature of the control powerbase that you find yourselves subjected to, as well as covering some of the remedies we have at our disposal, including the Common Law trust, and Court of Record.

Nigel Howitt

Nigel will be hosting the event. He speak about the necessity of a philosophical framework and specific methods of thinking that are required to see through the misinformation of the mainstream narrative and lay the foundations for psychological independence and intellectual sovereignty. He will also be presenting about the essential lifestyle choices for the fundamentals of health in a world of increasing toxicity and disinformation.

Peter Stone

Peter wrote the Book “The System – death by a thousand cuts”. He will give us an over view of the physical means of control in our world. He will cover money, banking and the means by which your wealth is expropriated.

Mark Mage

Mark will be sharing the facts about Electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones and wi-fi. Find out why exposure to these must be minimised for anyone aspiring to health and longevity. The presentation will include the biological nature of the threat to our health and the many ways in which you can protect yourself against this very modern danger.

Dave Travis

Dave will share his personal story of ‘Living outside the Matrix’ as well as sharing techniques to help you truly author your own life and navigate the Matrix to your own advantage.

There are also intended presentations on Bitcoin and the crypto-sphere, the great climate disaster myth and other topics. More will be added here as they are confirmed.

Please note: this is not a YAYC arranged event - though Simon will be speaking at the event. 

Book now and enjoy x 



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