Buy-to-Let Portfolio Holders - Tax Solution

Portfolio holders have been under attack from government and the tax man for some time.

The good news is we have a solution......
Some concerns you may have with regards to multiple buy to lets are as follows:

1. You will create a potential issue for your kids re Inheritance Tax (40%) if you wish to leave them a BTL portfolio.

2. You may want to give the properties to the kids whilst you're still alive and kicking, but that causes a couple of issues

a) You must survive 7 years from the date of the "gift"

b) once gifted, you cannot benefit from the asset (ie you can take no income - which you may have intended to act like a pension)

c) You MUST pay capital gains tax @ the rate of either 18 or 28% on the chargeable gain

d) If you give the properties away, you are no longer in control

e) if the kids get divorced, or have debt issues, or the kids pre-decease their spouses, the properties are not protected for the bloodline (extra issues may exist where kids have disabilities or are spend thrifts or have addictions, gambling, spending, drink/drugs)

f) in some cases stamp duty may be payable.

So here's the all important question:

If there were a way you could stay in control, deal with the Inheritance Tax issue, retain the income and not pay stamp duty or capital gains tax, would you be interested?

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